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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 New Actions up in My Stores

This action will make you a SOLID colour alpha, letter by letter or you can do an entire word at once (see text file included). The layers are left unmerged, so that you can insert your own tranparent pattern if you choose, before merging. This action does require the plugin EyeCandy 5 impact for it to turn out properly. I've included in the zip my EC5 Impact preset, a tips and suggestions pdf/word document, a colour choices jpg, and an example of what size of lettering works best with this action. The end result is about 450 high, but can be altered during the action if you choose a slightly bigger size letter. You choose your own font and colour, 300 dpi and pu and cu ok. Please read the pdf/word doc before running the action to get the best results.

This is a Photoshop action that will make you some text in a shiny Christmas pattern. There are 4 separate actions that each have a different pattern. The action is made with a text size of about 450 in height, 300 dpi, but can be increased when the action stops and you choose your own font and size. Before running the action, read the .pdf/word document included for tips and suggestions for the best end result. The zip includes 1 action for CS3 and a separate action for CS2, also included is a layer style. CU and PU ok.


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