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Monday, June 21, 2010

4th of July Freebie

To all my american friends, here's a full size, mini, Happy 4th of July freebie for you.


You can download it HERE


New Products in my Stores

Got a couple new products up in my stores this week. First is a set of 9 bingo cards, 8 different coloured bingo balls; each has the numbers 1 to 75 (600 balls totoal) and 24 coloured bingo chips. All digitally made, full size, 300 DPI and png format.


I've also got 3 sets of hot air balloons. Each balloon is approximately 1850 x 2850, 300 DPI, and PU & CU, and in png files.


You can click on the store blinkies on the right to check out these and the rest of my store items.